Top 10 Best Selling Narrow Bore 510 MTL Drip Tips in 2020

There are so many 510 mtl tanks in the market, it is important to choose the best mtl drip tips for your mtl vaping. Today i would like to recommend the 2020 best selling top 10 Narrow Bore 510 MTL drip tips for you, the drip tips i recommend all have the features below.

  • Working for all 510 tanks. Perfect for MTL vaping.
  • Narrow bore. Only about 3mm-10mm narrow bore drip tip
  • Different materials, different looking for you to choose.

First one all, if you want to check all our hundreds of 510 narrow bore drip tips here

Below are the best selling 510 mtl drip tips i recommend.

#1 Narrow bore metal POM PEI 510 MTL drip tip for BSKR BERSERKER V2 Insider V2 Style cthulhu

#2 Metal Narrow Bore 510 MTL drip tip for all 510 tanks Hellvape MD Kayfun V5 Hellfire

#3 9.4mm bore long straight aluminum 510 MTL drip tip for Millennium smok trinity alpha Joyetech Exceed Grip

#4 9mm bore Flat wood metal 510 MTL straight drip tip for Smoant Knight 80 Pod justfog Q16 pro/Q14/Q16/S14/G14

#5 23mm long tapered Honeycomb 510 mtl drip tip for all 510 tanks vandyvape Berserker V1.5

#6 8.5mm bore Resin polished 510 MTL drip tip for Dvarw 16 Vapefly Brunhilde Animodz bastard

#7 3mm Narrow bore SS 510 MTL drip tip For all 510 tanks kayfun prime V3 V4 Lite Plus Five pawns

#8 5mm narrow bore long straight Ultem delrin 510 MTL drip tip for Scylla Precisio YFTK SXK Doggystyle Bastard mouthpiece

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